World Class PDR Training In Canada For The First Time

World Class PDR Training In Canada For The First Time

Are you ready to take your skills to the next level? EV training, marketing, advanced PDR skills instruction, and trade secrets to give you a competitive edge. P.D.R Canada has brought this all together with the purpose of bettering techs and driving the Canadian industry forward.

What You Can Expect

First off, IMI Level 2/EV Hybrid Certification. This course will be instructed by Vince D’Alessandro in partnership with Anson PDR. Why do you need this? Well besides the obvious of not blowing yourself across a room take this under consideration. British Colombia is pushing to pass legislation that will require dealerships to sell a required percentage of EV or hybrid vehicles on an increasing scale. Quebec has already passed similar legislation. Several provinces also offer incentives and tax rebates. That coupled with an average yearly savings of $2400.00 on fuel, the market for EV and hybrid cars is only going to increase. Every day there is an increased chance you will be asked to work on one of these cars. Will you be ready? Safe?

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, “but that’s not all”! Myke Toledo, a known industry influencer and marketing leader, will be there too! Advanced skills, marketing tips, and pricing will all be considered. This is a rare opportunity to have access to this much PDR training here in Canada.

What Else?

This is just the beginning! There is more to come that will make this a groundbreaking event. More talent, more information, maybe some top rated tools?? A Canadian first! So be part of a legacy. As with anything good, there are limited opportunities. There are only a few available seats. Are you are ready? Do you want to ensure that you are trained to be safe, have an edge in marketing and increase your skill set? Then follow the link, message P.D.R. Canada and reserve your seat!

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