Tequila Peek Screw on Cherry Tip


Tequila Peek Screw On Cherry Tip Enlarged

Tequila Peek Screw On Cherry Tip

Tequila Peek Screw On Cherry Tip is the tip you need when working on larger dents. The peek gives you strong pushes or taps while resisting mushrooming while the cherry tips gives you the control you need.

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Anson PDR Tools

Their reputation for top customer service is only excelled by their line up of quality PDR tools. Utilizing roughly 20 years of industry experience, Anson knows what PDR techs need and want. Always pushing forward with innovation they are known for their PDR specific glue, tabs as well as well as tools. You do not have a complete set up until you have a little Anson in your toolbox.

Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 cm


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