PDR Training

Every highly skilled tradesperson got their start with training. PDR is no different. Additionally, the PDR industry is growing at an unprecedented rate with new tools and techniques. Many of which will save you time and allow you to expand your services. So continued training is now a necessity as well.

Quality PDR training requires a considerable investment of your time and resources. Below you will find our hand-picked recommendations. Keep in mind that there are also amazing training opportunities at the many trade shows throughout the year. (We will update the list as it becomes available.)

PDR Basics

Centennial College- Introduction To PDR

Centennial College

A great place for soon-to-be techs to begin their PDR training journey. Classroom education coupled with hands-on training. This course will give you a basic overview of the skills necessary to become a quality PDR tech. (Scarborough, Ontario)

Introductory Paintless Dent Repair

PDR Canada

PDR Canada

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, PDR Canada is a full-service business. From retail repair to hail repair, they have the experience to train tomorrow’s next round of techs. Reach out to them directly via phone at 1-877-785-4245.

Dent Trainer

These online PDR training courses will take you step by step through full-featured videos from beginner to advanced techniques. With many subscription options to choose from, you can pick what works best for you.

Dent Trainer


GPR – Glue Pull Repairs

Glue pulling isn’t just for hail! Large damage, inaccessible areas, pull to paint. This area of the PDR industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. This skill set will advance your technique, as well as increase your revenue.

Keco Tabs and GPR Training


GPR Training – Included is a series of short videos that educate you on many different techniques required to perform GPR and the latest tools and products.

Keco Tabs Product and Technique Videos

Cam Auto Pro

Cam Auto Pro is an industry leader and innovator. The owner Charles Aoun has developed an amazing line of tools and equipment to tackle the largest damage safely and effectively. Whether it’s Paintless Dent Repair or Pull To Paint, his methods and tools bridge the gap between the body shop and PDR tech, allowing both fields to benefit. He offers one on one training as well as group training to fit every company’s needs.

Cam Auto Pro

GPR News

A great resource for all things GPR. Amazing videos showing what Glue Pull Repairs can accomplish. The latest tools available. And of course industry insights and trends.

GPR News

Glue Pull Repair Training

The industry is changing, and glue pulling skills are now essential. Along with that, there are many new tools and accessories that require training. Now is your opportunity to learn from a certified and experienced company for the first time in Ontario.

GPR Training

Paintless Dent Repair Safety and Best Practices

IMI Safety Certification

According to Clean Energy Canada, if the electric vehicle sector continues to grow as projected, nearly half of all vehicles sold in Canada by 2030 will be electric. Will you know how to safely and responsibly work on these vehicles? Anson PDR, in partnership with TDN Tools and The Institute of the Motor Industry, offers the education, certification, and equipment you need.

IMI EV and Hybrid Qualification

Upcoming Events

Trade shows are held throughout the world and are integral to your continued education. These events offer training in skills, marketing as well as industry insights. And, of course, PDR Tools!

Mobile Tech Expo

Las Vegas- August 26-28 2021

Whether a new PDR trainee or a seasoned tech, the industry demands ongoing PDR Training. The training is available. All you need to do is invest in yourself!

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