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We know how much it hurts to see that unsightly dent or ding on your vehicle. But, unfortunately, many people are under the impression that you either have to live with it or take it to a body shop, which could mean an insurance claim, fillers, paint, and days without your car.

However, substantial advancements have been made. For example, Paintless Dent Repair allows damage to be repaired in an environmentally friendly way without fillers and paint and done within a fraction of time compared to conventional repair.

What about hail damage? Did you know you do not have to use your insurance’s recommended shop? It is your choice. PDR Hail technicians again have years of highly specialized training and experience to repair your car properly and efficiently. It just makes sense to trust your vehicle with a person who specializes in the trade.

So how do you find a PDR specialist in your area? PDR Contractors has developed technology that makes connections. First rolled out in the USA, PDR Contractors has expanded its success here in Canada, connecting you with PDR techs in your local area for free. Visit PDRcontractors.com to start your search!

What is PDR?

PDR or Paintless Dent Repair (Removal) is the skill of repairing multiple types of dents using highly specialized tools and techniques while maintaining the vehicles’ paint and finish.

What About PDR DIY?

Hey, we all do it! Check out that quick video on YouTube and figure,” Hey, I can fix this myself.” Beware, it may seem like dents “pop” out, but that is not the case. Trained PDR technicians spend years learning their craft. These are just a few things that a technician needs to account for before beginning a repair:

  • Type of metal being repaired
  • Manufacturer paint quality
  • Factory access points
  • Location of wiring harnesses and sensors

The list goes on, and these are just some of the things a tech considers before even planning the actual repair process. Unfortunately, a typical repair can turn into a costly nightmare by not being trained in any of these and many other aspects of paintless dent repair.

Protect Your Investment and Support a Local Business

The car industry has changed. We are experiencing shortages and backlogs due to ongoing supply hardships. Your vehicle is now more than just a source of transportation; it is an investment. Keeping your vehicle dent-free only adds to its value. By supporting a local business, you are not only helping that tech and their family, but you are also helping your community’s economy grow.

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