Mobile Tech Expo 2019 Wrap Up

Mobile Tech Expo 2019 Wrap Up

Another year, another MTE for the books. There were some noticeable changes from years past but over all a great show full of tools, training and networking opportunities. Check out the highlights below.

MTE…New Venue…A Few Hiccups

Mobile Tech Expo 2019
Finally, elbow room!

What was new this year? Well to start, the venue, which met with mixed reviews. Personally, I liked that it didn’t feel like rush hour on a subway platform. There was definitely more elbow room. As far as the booth layout was concerned, I found that confusing. Maybe it’s just my OCD but it would have made way more sense to keep the industries together not piecemealed everywhere. It was hard to follow and I personally missed out on a few booths just because I didn’t see them buried between a glass guy and a soap and wax booth. The other biggest gripe shared by many was the parking. Finding out that another trade show had to pay roughly half of what we did was a little irritating. That and the kilometer-long trek to get to the actual venue was crazy. I really felt bad for some of the guys by the end of the day. Lugging around several kilograms of tools and then hiking it back to the parking area. Let’s just say we all got a workout! There was also some huge issues with the host hotel but in the interest of brevity, I will focus on the actual show. The good news though, is that the show coordinators have been responsive to the criticism and have promised to make the necessary changes to ensure a better experience next year.

Dent Olympics

Canada was well represented this year, to say the least. Both 1st and 2nd place was awarded to Canadian techs. It takes a lot of guts to get out there in front of everyone, sometimes with borrowed tools and have to work under time constraints. A huge congratulations and much respect to all who participated.

Mobile Tech Expo 2019 Dent Olympics

And Now For The Main Event…PDR Tools

So what was new in PDR tools? There were a few new things that launched at the show as well as the opportunity to get to see other PDR tools that have been released throughout the year. Once again in the interest of not writing a novel, I will highlight some of the busier booths but I will also include links at the end of the article for you guys so you can see others perspectives as well.


Mobile Tech Expo 2019 Stanliner
Amazing skills and tools!

Their booth by far was the busiest! Not only were they loaded with their amazing tools, but they also had a lot more trained techs on hand to do demos for the techs. And of course the star of the show… Mr. Kazimieras himself. Pretty much every tech walking around had at least one Stanliner tool peeking out of their bags! Why all the hype? At the end of the day, they are bringing new bends and techniques that have never been seen this side of the ocean. The tools are built incredibly strong and once mastered they save not only your muscles but time as well. Having multiple Stanliner trained techs on hand to demonstrate different techniques only added to their success. Watching the tools in action, techs just couldn’t say “No”!


Mobile Tech Expo 2019 Anson
Anson PDR Family

Once again Anson’s booth was amazing! They know how to set up an organized, welcoming booth and the staff just make it that much more inviting. We picked up their new Tequila glue to test out as well as their Hawg tabs. After we put them through their paces we will let you know what we think. Josh also grabbed a new knockdown (he has a habit) that caught his eye and so far he loves it! Another highlight of the show was to have Anson’s own Craig Dyer honoured with the “Person of the Year Award”! Well deserved and many congratulations to Mr.Dyer and the entire Anson Family!

Dead On Dent Tools

Mobile Tech Expo 2019 Dead On Dent Tools
It’s the little extras that count!

Always a good time at this booth, but this year they were doing something extra special! Woody and Amanda organized “Punch For A Purpose”. They did this to raise money and show support for a fellow PDR family that not only is facing the loss of a child but round three with Cancer. Many amazing tool companies stepped up to offer prizes to all that participated. It was awesome to see so many come together as a community to support a great cause. The crew at Dead On Dent Tools also showcased some of the new products that they have begun production on. New tips to add to their already incredible lineup as well as new lenses to level up your Elim A Dent light.

Dent Man Tools

Mobile Tech Expo 2019 Dent Man Tools

Another great tech turned tool maker! Jesse showcased his take on hand pick tools. Needless to say, I wasn’t even going to try to bring those suckers through customs. I will go through the regular channels to get a set up here to test. Sharp and lethal looking but with a definite purpose. And as always Jesse ensures a techs comfort by sourcing some of the most comfortable handles out there. Another fan favourite was his whale tails and of course his hammers. We love his tools and can’t wait to get our hands on the newest ones to test out!

Mobile Tech Expo 2019 A1 Tool
Crowd Favourite

A1 Tool

Another very busy booth! A1 brought all their best tools, amazing prices and made a lot of techs very happy. New at the show was their Lucky 7 tool lineup. Created to give you better access through manufacture’s holes, while giving you similar results of a whale tail type head. It is a shaved tool so there is flex but so far the tools are getting really good reviews! We also got to check out their newest addition to their Whale Tail collection. They paired a 1″ Whale Tail head with their super comfortable Quick Silver handle to make one incredible tool. By the end of the show their shelves were looking pretty bare, a true testament to their craftsmanship and quality tools.

Inventure/TDN Tools

Mobile Tech Expo 2019 TDN and Inventure Tools

A true highlight of the show for a lot of us that have been in the industry awhile was to see the resurrection of an old favourite. Josh learned on Inventure tools nearly 20 years ago and Chris’s booth was always one of the first ones we would look for at MTE in the past. Moving ahead they have partnered with TDN Group and launched their new tool line up at MTE. They have developed three new ratcheting handles that promise to fix problems that others experience like too much play. They are also overbuilt to give you a really comfortable grip. One is still in the testing phase but the others we were promised will be available to purchase soon. We look forward to seeing how techs like these as well as what else they will have once their store is ready.

Keco- Glue Pulling Industry Leaders

Mobile Tech Expo 2019 Keco Tabs

We are a long way from where glue pulling started. From bulky lifters and tabs made of flimsy plastic, we have definitely grown as an industry. At the forefront of this is Keco. This year they really focused on advancing their current tools. With add-ons like crease plates for your Robo lifter, new adaptor sizes and pulling bases. I love that for a minimal investment you can upgrade your existing Keco tools and make them even better!

Dent Engineer Tools

Mobile Tech Expo 2019 Dent Engineer Tools

The master of accessories has put together one incredibly useful and organized R&I Kit. No more hunting for that 10mm socket! This kit comes with all the sockets, bits and hand tools needed to drop a headliner as well as other R&I tasks. Complete in a magnetized case so that everything stays put. Clean, efficient and professional.

Precision PDR Tools

Mobile Tech Expo 2019 Precision PDR Tools

Really happy to see this tool in person. The Lift-Rite has already enjoyed really positive tech feedback and for good reason. When Josh tested it he appreciated that it gave you a good clean direct pull. The ergonomics make it better on a tech’s body, with less awkward hand positioning. You can easily see this being a hail guys favorite puller.

Elim A Dent

Mobile Tech Expo Elim A Dent
Thankful for amazing partners!

The question we keep getting asked is when will you guys carry hail lights? That’s easy. As soon as James has perfected his! We will continue to wait patiently, knowing that when this light is ready it will be the best light you have ever owned. There is “light” at the end of the tunnel 🙂 The final pieces are coming together and James is saying to expect these babies to be ready by spring. Just in time for hail season! We will also have a few prototypes of the new version three mini lights available for you guys to test out soon. And as always you guys can have peace of mind knowing that in the rare event something isn’t right we do all the warranty work right here in Canada. No shipping anything back to the States and very little downtime as most repairs are completed within 24 hours! We love working with James and strive to maintain his amazing reputation of customer service!

Is There Such A Thing As Too Many PDR Tools?

I wish I could say that I got to personally touch every tool that was available. Believe me, it wasn’t for lack of trying. I could have spent an entire day just going through Carepoint’s booth! Thank goodness for Social Media, this way I can watch, read and see pics of other people’s experience. I encourage you all to do the same. We are already testing and planning our line up for this year. We want to ensure that every tool on our site is worth your hard-earned dollars! I again encourage anyone that can to attend this show. Testing new products, learning new skills and having the opportunity to talk to others in our industry and share experience is invaluable. For those of you who couldn’t make or maybe you were there and you might have missed something, follow the links below to get a bird’s eye view!

Dent Time

Dentless Touch

Dent Tools Freak

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