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A family-run company focused on quality service and driving our industry forward through innovation and dedication.

As an authorized distributor of PDR Tools in Canada, we are able to get you the products you have come to know and trust faster and easier than ever before. With 20 years of industry experience, we understand your needs.


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Not only is quality PDR tools a priority for us, so is working with reputable companies that are known for customer service.

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How We Got Here

Josh and I are both originally from Canada. Josh from the great white north of Kapuskasing and myself from the Niagara region of southern Ontario. We learned about PDR nearly 20 years ago when we were living in Florida. That is where our story began in the industry. But how did we get here? Back home in Canada and selling tools? That’s easy, we came home almost five years ago and the first time we ordered tools we quickly realized what a hassle it was. We did our research. No one was selling tools in Canada! What the @$#@^! Well, we felt that needed to end! That began our journey of bringing tools into Canada to make life easier for ALL types of PDR techs.

Moving Forward

As an industry in Canada, we have unique needs. There is a lack of quality and readily available PDR training. Conflicts with industry average pricing. Provincial insurance companies dictating our value. We have a shortened season when compared to other countries so every account, every day, even every car can count. Along with that we are faced with continuously having to educate and prove our worth to clients. None of these problems will be overcome quickly but we are trying to do our part by using our experience to help every PDR tech. We continue to educate techs through our blog. Tackling concerns like pricing, marketing, and training. Along with this, we have and will continue to take a personal interest in each tech that reaches out to us and help them find whatever it is that they need, be it more training, better tools or job opportunities.

Our promise to each of you as we grow is that we will continue to honour the reputation we have built. No B.S.! Only tested and affordable tools and of course, amazing customer service! We will always work hard to better our industry as we continue to focus on community, education, and equipment.


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